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Employee Testimonials

At InGenesis we love good news! We know that our clients and healthcare professionals appreciate positive energy as well. Therefore, we would like to share some feedback from our valued healthcare talent and clients.

Our healthcare staff want you to know:

“I had an exceptional experience. My Program manager guided me thorough the hiring process with very clear instructions. Highly appreciated”

“Understanding the position prior to my first interview was VERY helpful and should be a recruiter industry standard to ensure candidate success. I also appreciate proactive communication - I was never left wondering what was going on or what next steps would be.”

“Thank you so much. It was a great experience. Special thanks for supporting me since the very beginning of the process till the end.”

“InGenesis was extremely responsive whenever I had questions about the hiring and onboarding process. In addition, my contact at InGenesis was extremely professional, supportive, and responsive to all of my questions. As onboarding began, I was very reassured in knowing that I could always ask a question and get a detailed response very quickly. Thank you!”

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